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Busty Shemale in Boots

Tonight I took a little different direction, and went to check out a new tranny site. New to me, anyways. My time was not wasted, because I was in the mood to see some shemale cum.

This is Melanie, and I found her at I like website names like that. You know exactly what to expect.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t think this tgirl was the prettiest one I had ever seen. However, she does have a killer pair of boots on, a nice rack, and an impressive cock. So she is our pick of the night.

The entire set takes place on a couch. The tranny starts off wearing the aforementioned gold boots, some type of panties, and a gold bra. Her tgirl tits are a’busting out of that puppy, which is what first caught my attention. She’s flipping through a magazine, and something in it obviously catches *her* attention, because she wastes no time in losing both the bra and panties. That gives her a thumbs up in my book.

Melanie has a very pretty cock, and she seems to be on a very familiar basis with it. This is one tranny that is certainly not shy about stroking for the camera! She’s shaven clean as a whistle, best I can tell.

She continues flipping through her magazine, and proceeds to be a very naughty tranny. She must be hungry for a fuckin’, because while she is jerking her meat, she finds time to slip some fingers up her ass. A shemale after my own heart, she is. I love hungry ones who will do themselves if no one is around to do them.

She picks up the rhythm, and gives a fine display of flogging her rod. All too soon, she blows her wad, and we get treated to some succulent tranny cum. Just like Campbell’s soup, that shit is mmmmm mmmmm good.

If you want to check out more of Melanie and her heart stopping body, go to

Blonde Tranny in Thigh High Stockings

I’ve had to work a good deal of overtime lately, which sucks in terms of me keeping my shemale blog up to date. However, the good news is that it gave me more money, so I got a pass to a new site. More on that in just a minute.

A couple of you have written and want to see this fucker updated more often. Being as that I am an aiming-to-please kind of guy, I’m going to try to get that done. The format will probably change a little, but you’ll get more trannies more often. I figure you’d rather see more of them and less of me rambling anyways. We’ll see how it unfolds.

But for tonight, meet Tai.

Since I’d been workin’ for the man more than usual, I decided it was time to treat myself to a new paysite pass. After looking around, I decided to give Shemale Yum a whirl. It wasn’t a mistake on my part. They are the longest running transgendered site on the web, and the guys who run it claim to love shemales. After poking around, I’d say it is a valid claim. It’s a great site, and you need to check it out.

Tai is a tranny who could pass as a milf. She’s got that soccer-mom-by-day, wanton-hussie-in-lingerie-by-night look to her. I think the black leather jacket probably contributes to that look. Or perhaps it is the stockings and the little frilly panties she displays further on in the shoot.

I know one thing for sure, she has one of the nicest lines to her rib area on a tranny that I have seen. Check out the 3rd pic. See how the lines of her have that feminine sweeping curve beginning right under her tits?

I like lines, and those are nices ones!