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Brunette trannies

Needy Shemale Slut

First of all, my apologies for the recent lack of posts. Would you believe I broke my cock from so much tranny strokin’?

Don’t believe it, because it is a lie. 😉 Just alot of holiday things kept me from doing one of my favorite things. And that is tracking us down some shemale harlots.

Which brings us to today’s tgirl tidbit.

This nameless brunette is courtesy of Exclusive TGirls

I’ve got to get this out of the way first thing…her hair. It’s very luxurious and thick looking. I think it would make a smashing ponytail for me to grip and pull at while I rode her ass. I’d pull so hard she’d look Chinese when I was done with her. She’d have no worries about a face lift for the next 40 years.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think this t-girl has slut written all over her face. Like she’s very, very cock hungry with her little glance back over the shoulder look. The tart impression is cemented by her little see through skirt over the black thong. More trannies should wear thongs, don’t you think?

She’s at it with that come-fuck-me-look again as she starts wiggling out of her thong. That is a fine shemale ass. It looks both spankable and fuckable. We can’t get a good look at her tranny tits in this pic, but they look like there’d be enough for us to share there. If not, you can have my portion. I want her ass.

She wants it, it is so obvious. Look at that tranny tramp all splayed out on the sheets, tilting her ass up for us. I’m telling you, one hand wrapped in her hair pulling, the other spanking her ass, while my balls slap against her ass.


Check her out cramming that big dildo up her ass! What did I tell you? She is a shemale slut through and through. She can’t wait for us to give it to her, so is so hungry and needy that she grabs a big silicone cock and without any finesse stuffs her tgirl ass full. I know she is moaning as her prostrate gets hit by that big fucker! And just think of the sounds it is making as it slides in and out of her tranny ass. I just bet she sounds like a bitch in heat, begging for it harder and faster.

That’s my kind of tranny.

Mouthwatering Marcella

I wasn’t sure I was sold on Marcella until she took her top off. That made a believer out of me. Her tits are out of this world!

Marcella comes to us from Hot Shemale Sluts, and frankly, I was having a hard time warming up to her. I think I’ve become accustomed to the creamier and smoother skins found on ladyboys.

Then I decided that I was perhaps being a bit too harsh, so I decided to take a second look. I’m glad I did.

Her smile certainly qualifies her as a stunning shemale. She’s totally passable in that regard. That long brunette hair helps as well. I love trannies with long hair.

I know I’ve already mentioned her boobs, but my heavens, they are worth mentioning again. Her nipples are perfection. They are made to be chewed and sucked on.

Her sheer black panties are very sexy too. Every tgirl should have a pair of these. Make that several pairs, now that I stop and think about it. They add to the temptation.

She has a nice manicure, and that is something I always notice on shemales. What is the point of having flawless makeup and nicely done hair if you don’t take pride in your nails as well? Marcella is on the ball in this regard, with a nice French manicure. On her hands, that is. We never get to see a good shot of her little tranny toes.

Considering the fact that I shouldn’t just rate Marchella on her tits alone…that would get her a 10 on the Stunning Shemales Scale, I think she is a 7.

What do you think?