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Ladyboys posing

Kissable Kim – Another Sexy Ladyboy

I got squirmy in my chair looking at Kim’s shemale panty pics.

Kim is another Asian lovely from LadyBoy Crush.

Let’s see what this tranny has to offer, shall we?

I’m not a big fan of the coy stick-your-finger-in-your-mouth pics. They always look a little contrived to me. However, I have gotta say that this shemale makes me want to remove her finger and insert a cock for her to suck. I think it is the way she looks in glasses. Rather gives her a stuck up/celebrity kind of look. The kind of look that would be fun to change. Perhaps by knocking her finger out of the way, wrapping your hand in her hair, and guiding her head back and forth as her mouth slides down the length of your cock. Oh yeah!

Tgirl got legs, I will give her that. Mercy, I’d like to have those long shemale legs wrapped around my waist while I pumped in her tight ass. Have her heels drum against my back when she cums.


I’m in a mood today. Can you tell?

Her cock straining against those sheer black panties is just to die for. I’d like to snag the waistband of them with my fingers, and pull ever so slowly downward, fingers working to help my teeth take them down. I’d let my chin drag against her cock…down the length of it. Then perhaps lightly bite it when it got hard.

The way she is sitting in that chair…well, I think she is just asking to get fucked, don’t you? I’d push her shoulders back, pull her hips to the edge of the chair, put one of those long legs over each of my shoulders and then I would commence to getting me some tranny ass!

No doubt about it, I would stand there and drill this ladyboy slut and look down and watch as she stroked her cock while I fucked her.

Stunning Som

I’d be hard pressed to find a prettier ladyboy to kick off this blog.

Som comes to us from one of my favorite shemale sites, LadyBoy Crush.

I don’t know what it is about her, exactly. For starters, she’s got such kissable lips. Look at them long enough, and see if you don’t just long to press your own against them. She just looks like a succulent little bit of …I don’t know…a ripe cherry waiting to be popped in your mouth.

Her tits are great. They nearly make my mouth water. I love how her nipples look when they are hard. She is one fine tranny!

If all that wasn’t enough to make her a keeper, she can not only get her dick hard, but she can blow a huge load too! I love the shots of her laying there with jizz on the planes of her lower belly.

Som is hands down a stunning shemale.