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Stunning Shemales posing for our viewing pleasure

Colossal Cock Nancy – Sexy Shemale Schoolgirl

I honestly had planned to visit a different tranny site today, to see what kind of succulent shemales I could find for us.

I never got any further than LadyBoy Crush.

If you take a look at Nancy, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand why.

Mother of God, where do I start? I have never seen a tgirl like her in my life!

For starters, in the first pic, does she look somewhat like Janet Jackson, or is it just my lustful imagination?

She’s got such a pretty smile, and the little schoolgirl outfit just flat out fucking rocks my world! A tranny in a little plaid skirt and with her shirt tied up showing her flat tummy is enough to crank the motor over a few times. I like her belly chain too. Something about those just screams “slut” to me, and I’m all about a slutty tgirl! She looks like a little mall brat, running around in one fishnet stocking. Fresh faced and whorish. I like that in a shemale!

Then things get a little more interesting as our tgirl Nancy loses her skirt, and shows us what she looks like in her little black and white striped panties. She’s got a tight, shapely little shemale body under that skirt, that is for sure. While I’m not much on the blue nail polish, I do dig the long nails. Can you imagine those clawing at your back as you bury your cock in her? And the boots…oh my. I’m a sucker for boots. I’d like to roll her on her little tranny back, wrap my hands around each boot covered ankle, and let her ass muscles milk my cock dry.

Next we get a peek at that panty covered ass. Nancy has some nice, feminine looking legs for a tranny. Her ass is nicely upturned and perky too. Again, she’s flashing us that dazzling white smile. I’d be happy to come up behind her, wrap my arms around her waist, pull her close, and drag my cock over her ass, letting the precum ooze as the friction of the panty material drug over my cockhead. Or we could use that little red schoolgirl tie to bind her wrists. Then we could place our hands on her shoulders, guide her to her tranny knees, and face fuck her.

I like the sounds of both of them! How about you?

I am not sure there are words to describe the look on my face and the lust in my heart when I first laid eyes on Nancy’s shemale cock! This ladyboy dick is enormous! It literally seems to extend halfway down her thigh. If you like trannies with big cocks, you will never need look any further than Nancy. I bet this tgirl could nearly suck her own dick, if she got in the right postion. I know my own cock is throbbing at the idea of sitting back, taking my dick in one hand…stroking real slow…and watching her head bob up and down as she strained to give herself head.

On the Stunning Shemale Scale, Nancy is a 9 in my book.

Kissable Kim – Another Sexy Ladyboy

I got squirmy in my chair looking at Kim’s shemale panty pics.

Kim is another Asian lovely from LadyBoy Crush.

Let’s see what this tranny has to offer, shall we?

I’m not a big fan of the coy stick-your-finger-in-your-mouth pics. They always look a little contrived to me. However, I have gotta say that this shemale makes me want to remove her finger and insert a cock for her to suck. I think it is the way she looks in glasses. Rather gives her a stuck up/celebrity kind of look. The kind of look that would be fun to change. Perhaps by knocking her finger out of the way, wrapping your hand in her hair, and guiding her head back and forth as her mouth slides down the length of your cock. Oh yeah!

Tgirl got legs, I will give her that. Mercy, I’d like to have those long shemale legs wrapped around my waist while I pumped in her tight ass. Have her heels drum against my back when she cums.


I’m in a mood today. Can you tell?

Her cock straining against those sheer black panties is just to die for. I’d like to snag the waistband of them with my fingers, and pull ever so slowly downward, fingers working to help my teeth take them down. I’d let my chin drag against her cock…down the length of it. Then perhaps lightly bite it when it got hard.

The way she is sitting in that chair…well, I think she is just asking to get fucked, don’t you? I’d push her shoulders back, pull her hips to the edge of the chair, put one of those long legs over each of my shoulders and then I would commence to getting me some tranny ass!

No doubt about it, I would stand there and drill this ladyboy slut and look down and watch as she stroked her cock while I fucked her.

Mouthwatering Marcella

I wasn’t sure I was sold on Marcella until she took her top off. That made a believer out of me. Her tits are out of this world!

Marcella comes to us from Hot Shemale Sluts, and frankly, I was having a hard time warming up to her. I think I’ve become accustomed to the creamier and smoother skins found on ladyboys.

Then I decided that I was perhaps being a bit too harsh, so I decided to take a second look. I’m glad I did.

Her smile certainly qualifies her as a stunning shemale. She’s totally passable in that regard. That long brunette hair helps as well. I love trannies with long hair.

I know I’ve already mentioned her boobs, but my heavens, they are worth mentioning again. Her nipples are perfection. They are made to be chewed and sucked on.

Her sheer black panties are very sexy too. Every tgirl should have a pair of these. Make that several pairs, now that I stop and think about it. They add to the temptation.

She has a nice manicure, and that is something I always notice on shemales. What is the point of having flawless makeup and nicely done hair if you don’t take pride in your nails as well? Marcella is on the ball in this regard, with a nice French manicure. On her hands, that is. We never get to see a good shot of her little tranny toes.

Considering the fact that I shouldn’t just rate Marchella on her tits alone…that would get her a 10 on the Stunning Shemales Scale, I think she is a 7.

What do you think?

Stunning Som

I’d be hard pressed to find a prettier ladyboy to kick off this blog.

Som comes to us from one of my favorite shemale sites, LadyBoy Crush.

I don’t know what it is about her, exactly. For starters, she’s got such kissable lips. Look at them long enough, and see if you don’t just long to press your own against them. She just looks like a succulent little bit of …I don’t know…a ripe cherry waiting to be popped in your mouth.

Her tits are great. They nearly make my mouth water. I love how her nipples look when they are hard. She is one fine tranny!

If all that wasn’t enough to make her a keeper, she can not only get her dick hard, but she can blow a huge load too! I love the shots of her laying there with jizz on the planes of her lower belly.

Som is hands down a stunning shemale.