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Kimber James – Brunette Tranny Glamour Shots

I’m sure that somewhere, someone doubted my word when I said that I’d be back today with shots of Kimber James as a brunette. Well, I’m not here for long today, but for ye of little faith, I do have some smokin’ hot pics of her to share.

I’m not sure which hair color I like better. If you have a preference, vote in the poll, or add your own options. I almost think the dark hair is better, but then again, that could be because it’s what I am looking at right now. Actually , Kimber’s tits are what I am looking at right now, but you get the general drift.

I’m thinking that perhaps the brown looks a tad more natural. Thoughts?


You know, we’ve looked at an ass load of shemales in our time together, and I think she may well be one of the most passable ever. It is just hard to fathom that this is a biological man. Talk about the best of both worlds, Kimber illustrates that point beautifully. That is my sensitive way of saying that I really want to bone her. 😉

Here at the tits I was distracted by. Can you blame me?


That’s all I’ve got time for today, so until next time, tranny lovers!

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Miss February Stunning Shemale – Kimber James

Hey, if I hurry, I can get at least one post in before this month is over about our February winner. Nothing like being a day late and a dollar short, eh?

I think that you’ll find Kimber James to be worth the wait though. She truly defines what it means to be a Stunning Shemale.

So, without further ado, let us feast our eyes on her tranny magnificence. Today’s set will have her in blonde hair, tomorrow we’ll do her (hypothetically, alas) as a brunette.

Can we get a hell yeah??? I thought so. Kimber definitely puts the H in hardon, wouldn’t you say?


Not to mention she can wear a bikini like few others.


See the Kimber James Gallery

Visit Kimber’s Official Site

Until next time, tranny lovers!

Ladyboy Amy – Stunning Shemales Bikini Babe

Well, from looking at the poll, you all are much more into watching shemales have sex than you are into looking at solo shemale babes. Think you can suffer through today’s update until I have some hardcore stuff for you? 😉

Amy, as always, has a huge following on this blog according to backend stuff that shows all sorts of technical stuff. And as fall is getting ready to turn to much cooler weather in my world, and I hate the fucking cold, I thought this would remind us of summer, and help us heat up a little.

I will never understand how her ass and legs look so feminine. I’ve not read enough to know if she pops hormones or not, but those two assets of her’s always amaze me.

And speaking of her ass, what I would not do to this.  Bite it, lick it, eat it, fuck it, spunk it and on it….the list goes on and on.

That’s right, I’ve got some wood she could lick on.  It’s not a piece of bamboo either, so she won’t have to worry about splinters. 😉

Nice tuck job, wouldn’t you say?  Amy may well be the finest ladyboy ever.  Of course, you know me…the one I’m looking at at the moment is the finest one ever. 😉

Until next time, tranny lovers!  I’ll be getting the next installment of our Stunning Shemales Showdown Series posted soon.