Stunning Shemale Ladyboy Ae is a Hot Secretary

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It’s Ladyboy Tuesday here on SSB, and today, as usual, stupid fucking work won’t leave me alone so that I can sit in peace and quiet and have a nice wank looking at lovely shemales. What I want to know is where I can get a job at a place like this? I want Ae as my office assistant. Yesterday would have been a good day for her to start.

Though I must say that if I *could* get Ae in my office that a case of sexual harassment in the work place would likely soon follow. But just take a look at her in those fishnet stockings, cute little shoes, and sexy clothes. Can you blame me for wanting her to get right down on those pretty ladyboy knees of hers to take some dictation?

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Superman TS Jesse Can Lift Buildings with Her Big Cock

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Well, the title *might* be a bit misleading. I am not sure that she can actually lift a building with her cock. But TS Jesse does have one hell of a pry bar, doesn’t she?

I really love when adult entertainers, shemale or otherwise, don’t take themselves so damned seriously, and show that they have a playful side, and let us get a glimpse at their personality. Jesse has a lot of fun shoots, and that gives her a Cock Up from me.

I wonder if kryptonite can really do her harm? Since she has tits and a cock, she probably has powers that the regular Superman didn’t have.

I know one thing, when I am in dire straights, with a cock that feels like it might explode like dynamite, or a lovely masked intruder has me tied down, it’s TS Jesse that I want to come to my rescue.

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Boner Inducing Tgirl Babe Bruna Rodrigues

Hola tranny lovers!

Yes, my fellow tranny lovers, my travels are done again for the time being. Since we never know when I will be called upon to roam the world again, let’s not waste time, and just take a deep breath, and savor the beauty that is Bruna Rodrigues

I found this set at Bob’s Tgirls, which was the first site that I dusted off my credit card to re-join. Some of them I have yearly memberships to, but this one I needed to join again. I know that some of you likely wonder why on on earth I join porn sites when there is so much out there for free. Number one, I like to support the people who make things happen. Hot shemale porn just doesn’t fall out of the heavens. Or if it does, I want to live in the world where that happens. Number two, I don’t trust all those free sites to not install malware, ete, on my computer. Number three, I am a lazy fuck, and I know what I want. I don’t to dig through hours worth of crap to find the gold. So I go to the source, and help give back a little to these lovely shemale beauties that have given me and my cock so much pleasure over the years.

After so long away, it is good to be welcomed back to the waiting, open arms of Bruna. See that sexy little lingerie she put on for me? Bruna knows that I love black stockings too. And check out how she offers up that perfectly fuckable ass to me? I know, I know…in my dreams. 😉

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Sexy Shemale Schoolgirls Walkyria and Dani de Castro Have Fun in Their Plaid Skirts

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Ah, there is always something about shemale schoolgirls that trips my trigger. I’m not sure if it is fetish with the plaid skirts, or what, but I know the end result is a throb in my dick that won’t be ignored. I found the fap material for today’s Latina Thursday update at Shemale Club

I’d love to be a fly on the wall, and be able to watch as Walkyria and Dani de Castro have a go at each other. Their first kiss looks almost innocent, but in just a few moments, you can tell that they have fuckin’ on their minds. The shot of Walkyria’s stiffy under her skirt made me lick my lips. I don’t blame Dani at all for reaching out and grabbing hold of it.

Then we have a little bit of cock sucking before the ass plundering begins. Now, sometimes porn chicks…whether natural born female or shemale…just don’t shoot well together. You can tell it’s just some arranged shoot, they look bored, and their focus is on the camera, not on each other. But that isn’t the case with these two. They’ve got a sizzling hot chemistry that jumps off the screen and draws you in. That’s good stuff right there, boys and girls. Daddy like!

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Fuckable Blonde TS Renata Davilla Nude Outdoors

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For anyone wondering, I changed things a little today. I was getting some feedback that suggested you’d rather have more pics per post and less per page. So we’ll give this a whirl for awhile. As always, let me know any thoughts you have on the blog.

Now, we’ve long known that Wendy Williams is sexy as hell. We also know that she has brains to go along with her sexiness, as exhibited by her entrepreneurial spirit in launching her own sex toy line. Additionally, we know that she is a sweetheart, because she made me some fansigns.

But did you know that she also does photography work for her site? This set featuring Renata Davilla is one that Wendy shot, and Renata looks hot enough to melt ice cream.

It appears that she is in a park somewhere. Why is it that I am not blessed with seeing nude shemale in my local park when I am on my morning run? It would be a stellar way to start my day, and I’m sure my heart rate would continue to rise! Great work, Wendy, on capturing such hotness!

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