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Brazilian Shemale Bombshell Brenda Lohan

Hola tranny lovers!

Since I’ve been starved for shemales during my recent trip abroad, I decided to treat myself to a membership at a new site today. Coincidentally, it just happened to be a Brazilian one, and if I get us back on track with the planned schedule, I think that Thursdays were South-of-the-Border Shemale Thursdays. If not, fuck it, they are now. 😉

I found Brenda gracing the pages of Brazilian Transexuals. Latina lovers will love this site, as would those of us who like to horde our own stash of personal shemale porn. Among other nifty features, the site has a zip download feature, to make downloading our wanking material a piece of cake.

But enough about the technical stuff. I may start a Review Section soon, and if so, I’ll fill you in more of the benefits of membership then. For now, just feast your eyes on Brenda’s lips, and imagine them around your weiner. She’s also looking mighty fine in that corset and fishnet pantyhose. By the time she got around to whipping out her cock and tits, then toy fucking her ass, I had already blown my load. watch full Underworld: Blood Wars movie

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Brazilian Transexuals12 Brazilian Transexuals1Brazilian Transexuals2
Brazilian Transexuals11

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Introducing Giselle Milani – Totally Fuckable Shemale

Hola tranny lovers!

I had to be out of town for work for a bit, but I am back, and happy to report that my cock still functions well, and I’ve been able to ascertain that by spending a goodly portion of time at Shemale Club, where I found the shemale knockout otherwise known as Giselle Milani.

Every time I think I have seen most untoppable, absolute hottest shemale to ever grace the universe, I find a new one, and Giselle is it. She’s like a golden ray mixture of angelic beauty and fuckable tranny all rolled into one. There is no doubt in my mind that she could pull a tranny trick on all of my buddies.

I thought that perhaps Giselle was Brazilian, as she sort of has that look. I did not research it throughly, so this may be inaccurate, but I saw mention of her being born in the United States. Giselle and apple pie. Yum yum, and finger lickin’ good to boot!

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Until next time, my fellow shemale aficionados!

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Shemale Knockout Bailey Jay Toys Her Perfect Ass

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Sometimes when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful stunning shemales that the world has to offer, you see someone who proves that there is still room on that list. Today is Hump Day, and at present, there is no shemale that I want to hump more than Bailey Jay.

Everyone’s tastes are different, of course, but in my eyes, Bailey is the ultimate in shemale perfection. She hasn’t had surgery to the point of looking extreme, and she’s into clothes and shoes, so most of her sets are in the same flavor as Dita Von Teese. With the exception of the fact that Bailey can rock a woody, and to the best of my knowledge, Dita cannot. She is all about fantasy, and that gives me a raging stiffy.

This shoot is a good example of such. Bailey’s flair, that is, not my stiffy. 😉 Her attention to detail sets her apart from the rest of the pack. Do you have a fetish for hair barrettes? Or what about corsets that enhance the beauty of a waistline? Perhaps it’s shoes that trip your trigger, and the sight of Bailey’s high heeled saddle shoes will wake up your trouser mouse. She raises the bar on shemale erotica, and would be a fine next ex-wife for me, if only she’d have me.

See this whole set at Bailey’s official sitewatch Nocturnal Animals movie online now

Bailey Jay 14 Bailey Jay 7
Bailey Jay 6 Bailey Jay 8
Bailey Jay 7

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Until next time shemale aficionados!

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Long Mint Tries to Stuff a Huge Dildo Up Her Tight Bunghole

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Time for a newcomer to Stunning Shemales Blog, though if you follow ladyboys, chances are you have seen her before. Either way, feast your eyes on this vision of shemale loveliness, Long Mint.

Normally, I don’t like to host a clip this long, because it kills my server, and this is not what you’d call a paying gig. I just love shemales. However, who better to host a long clip for than Long Mint? I think that her 9 inches of ladyboy meat deserves the homage. If it kills the server, fuck it. 😉

On top of being hung, and being hot, Mint is also a trouper. It made me cringe when she was coaxing that huge black dildo further and further into her ass. The sadist in me wanted to be able to reach through the screen and cram it in. Though it was just as much fun watching her crouched down, bouncing up and down on it.

See this whole clip at Long Mint’s official site

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Until next time shemale aficionados!

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