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If you were Wendy Williams, would you use you use your ass mold as a cum receptacle?
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Do you ever call tranny phone sex lines?
Total Votes: 77 Started: January 19, 2011
Do you like Bailey Jay better with
Total Votes: 76 Started: November 16, 2010
Which gets your dick harder?
Total Votes: 139 Started: January 28, 2010
Do you get a boner over shemales fucking females?
Total Votes: 401 Started: August 1, 2009
Does Mia Isabella do Marilyn Monroe justice?
Total Votes: 4 Started: July 24, 2009
Who is your favorite new ladyboy from Ladyboy Gold?
Are you likin' the new look?
Total Votes: 7 Started: June 19, 2009
Have you ever had sex with a shemale?
Total Votes: 67 Started: May 22, 2009
Who should be our Miss April Stunning Shemale?
Total Votes: 64 Started: April 21, 2009
Would you rather that I start a new
Total Votes: 27 Started: April 7, 2009
Do you prefer Kimber James as a
Total Votes: 12 Started: April 1, 2009
Write in your nomination for Miss March Stunning Shemale below
Total Votes: 7 Started: March 18, 2009
Who Should be our Miss February Stunning Shemale?
Total Votes: 27 Started: February 10, 2009 1 = Added by a guest
Who Should be our Miss January Stunning Shemale?
Total Votes: 78 Started: January 7, 2009
Would you rather...
Total Votes: 45 Started: December 10, 2008
What makes your bone harder?
Total Votes: 124 Started: October 25, 2008
Would you rather...
Total Votes: 52 Started: October 11, 2008
Would you rather....
Total Votes: 27 Started: September 23, 2008
Would you rather...
Total Votes: 16 Started: September 10, 2008
Would you rather...
Total Votes: 91 Started: August 12, 2008
Would you rather see
Total Votes: 984 Started: February 4, 2008
What would you like to see more of in 2008?
Total Votes: 35 Started: January 10, 2008
Rate my site
Total Votes: 0 Started: April 4, 2006

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