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Ashley George Gets It on with Her Lover

Hola tranny lovers!

Most of you know that I rarely update twice in one day, and often times, I do good to update twice in one week. But since I am here, and I was gone last week, I decided to toss in an extra update today. Seeing as how it features the ever-sexy Ashley George I doubt that I will have any complaints. 😉

I always love seeing Ashley, and seeing her get fucked is like icing on a very delicious cake. First her salad gets lightly tossed by her enthusiastic lover, then it’s down to the good stuff, as he plunges in and commences to properly boink her. I don’t know who he is, but he’s one lucky bastard. I’d love to be in his shoes. I would probably ruin the moment and blow my load all over her lovely ass if I was ever lucky enough to be with her. I’d just lick my less up and start over again though. 😉

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Get inside to see innocent looking Ashley
be a a very naughty TS girl!

Until next time shemale aficionados!

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