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Shemale Knockout Bailey Jay Toys Her Perfect Ass

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Sometimes when you think you’ve seen the most beautiful stunning shemales that the world has to offer, you see someone who proves that there is still room on that list. Today is Hump Day, and at present, there is no shemale that I want to hump more than Bailey Jay.

Everyone’s tastes are different, of course, but in my eyes, Bailey is the ultimate in shemale perfection. She hasn’t had surgery to the point of looking extreme, and she’s into clothes and shoes, so most of her sets are in the same flavor as Dita Von Teese. With the exception of the fact that Bailey can rock a woody, and to the best of my knowledge, Dita cannot. She is all about fantasy, and that gives me a raging stiffy.

This shoot is a good example of such. Bailey’s flair, that is, not my stiffy. 😉 Her attention to detail sets her apart from the rest of the pack. Do you have a fetish for hair barrettes? Or what about corsets that enhance the beauty of a waistline? Perhaps it’s shoes that trip your trigger, and the sight of Bailey’s high heeled saddle shoes will wake up your trouser mouse. She raises the bar on shemale erotica, and would be a fine next ex-wife for me, if only she’d have me.

See this whole set at Bailey’s official sitewatch Nocturnal Animals movie online now

Bailey Jay 14 Bailey Jay 7
Bailey Jay 6 Bailey Jay 8
Bailey Jay 7

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Until next time shemale aficionados!

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Bailey Jay Bangs Sarina Valentina

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Keeping in sync with our themed days of the week, Fridays will be Freestyle Fridays. Basically meaning that I can update anything I fucking feel like. 😉

And tonight, it’s late, I’m still sick, and I feel like looking at Sarina Valentina and Bailey Jay. Then again, I am pretty sure I would feel like looking at those two no matter what the circumstances are.

This is the first set that I’ve seen of Bailey sporting red hair. My cock and I are going to have to study on this for awhile and see if we like her this way, or if the black hair was better. What do you all think?

I know that I’d like to have been the photographer for these two. I’d have likely gotten in trouble for sexual harassment in the work place, or something like that though. Because I am just knowing that as soon as Bailey slipped her sausage into Sarina that I’d have been wanting to give her the same treatment. Can you blame me though?

See this whole set at Sarina’s official site

Sarina Valentina 6 Sarina Valentina 11
Sarina Valentina 5 Sarina Valentina 5
Sarina Valentina 8 Sarina Valentina 6

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Until next time shemale aficionados!

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