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Shemale Stunner Kimber James is a Beautiful Bikini Babe

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Happy Hump Day! When my thoughts start to drift to shemales that I’d like to fuck, or be fucked by, Kimber James definitely has a spot on that list. And with the way that Kimber looks in this bikini, I don’t think that I need to enumerate the reasons why.

But I’m going to anyway, just because I want to. First of all, Kimber is like the ultimate in shemale Barbie doll perfection. I can imagine strolling down the beach with her on vacation, arm in arm, and guys breaking their necks to take in her beauty and her curves. She’d have to wear this bikini, if such little scraps of fabric can even be called a bikini. Whatever it is, it gives me wood.

Once we got back to our room, I’d sit on the edge of the bed transfixed as she revealed those magnificent shemale sweater puppies of hers. I’m betting that a fellow could suffocate in between those babies. When she was finally nude, I’d want to place my dick right where she has that dildo…cradled in between her titties so I could give them a good fucking. Sounds like heaven to me!

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Until next time shemale aficionados!

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Kimber James – Blowjob and Hardcore Shemale Sex Movie

Two in one day, I know, I know, you all aren’t used to such prolific pornography from me. 😉 But when you see our latest and greatest Kimber James update, I think you’ll see what a double header was necessary.

This little gem features Kimber and a stunt cock that I think is named Lobo. He’s in hardcore scenes in several different sites. All I know is is he one lucky fucker, as Kimber gives head like there ain’t no tomorrow. Made my balls strain for release just to watch her. And then when she climbed on top and got speared by his pecker…holy assfuck, batman. I want me a piece of Kimber, I truly do.

Oh, before I forget to give credit where credit is due, this clip is from Shemale Scenes.  Give them some love.

[flv:http://stunningshemalesblog.com/posts/040609ss/kimberjames.flv 450 250]

Kimber James at Shemale Scenes

Enjoy, tranny lovers!

Kimber James – Takin’ It Up the Ass Like a Good Girl


Thought we’d kick Monday morning off with Kimber James in a little bit of hardcore action. Beats the hell out of sitting in a meeting with whiteboards, brainstorming and collaborating, wouldn’t you say?

Kimber did this set while shooting for Shemale Club.  I hadn’t seen her before in hardcore action, so this was a nice treat.  I either need to ge off, or I have a specially over-active imagination today, but I could really ‘feel’ this set.

Like here.  I could feel my hand pressed against the warmth of her belly flesh, about to slide downward, knuckles grazing the lingerie.


This one sparked the imagination as well.  Translation:  it gave me wood. 😉  It’s very easy to imagine that I can feel the ring of her assmuscle about to ease open around the head of my cock, tight warmth waiting to mold around me and milk me dry.  Hmmmmm.  Daddy like!


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Next up will be our last-for-now tribute to Kimber James. Until then, tranny lovers!

Kimber James – Fresh Faced Hottie

Hola tranny lovers!

Today we’ve got our third installment of a series of updates for Miss Stunning Shemale of February, Kimber James. We’ll have one more after this one, or perhaps two, then we’ll switch things up a bit.

While our last update of Kimber was undoubtedly sexy, one reader did make a comment that I agree with. That has to do with the obvious photoshopping on that bunch of pictures. I do agree that the airbrushing is pretty heavy handed, and there really isn’t a need for it. So I set out to find us a more natural looking batch of Kimber hotness to enjoy.

And I succeeded, courtesy of the good folks and tranny connoisseurs at  Shemale Yum.

See what I mean?  No reason at all for all that airbrushing.  Kimber looks sexy and very passable without it.


And it may just be me, but I think  her cock looks more delectable too. 😉


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Until next our next update, my fellow tranny devotees!

Kimber James – Brunette Tranny Glamour Shots

I’m sure that somewhere, someone doubted my word when I said that I’d be back today with shots of Kimber James as a brunette. Well, I’m not here for long today, but for ye of little faith, I do have some smokin’ hot pics of her to share.

I’m not sure which hair color I like better. If you have a preference, vote in the poll, or add your own options. I almost think the dark hair is better, but then again, that could be because it’s what I am looking at right now. Actually , Kimber’s tits are what I am looking at right now, but you get the general drift.

I’m thinking that perhaps the brown looks a tad more natural. Thoughts?


You know, we’ve looked at an ass load of shemales in our time together, and I think she may well be one of the most passable ever. It is just hard to fathom that this is a biological man. Talk about the best of both worlds, Kimber illustrates that point beautifully. That is my sensitive way of saying that I really want to bone her. 😉

Here at the tits I was distracted by. Can you blame me?


That’s all I’ve got time for today, so until next time, tranny lovers!

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