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Jasmine Jewels Gets Boinked on Cam

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

I could have sworn that I had featured Jasmine Jewels on SSB before, but damned if I can find any posts dedicated to her. Time for me to right that wrong, and see what the self-billed “transexual milf” is up to these days.

Though I tend to like my shemales just this side of legal, Jasmine is fine enough to knock that notion right out of the ball park. She’s definitely got that Mrs. Robinson thing going on. And if you are too young to know what that reference is about, Google is your friend. 😉 If you are too lazy for that, just think sexual powerhouse, lingerie, stockings, and lots of experience in both giving and receiving pleasure.

And in this set, some lucky fucker is the beneficiary of Jewel’s sex appeal. In no time at all, Jewel’s got him suckling at her cock like a newborn to a nipple. He looks like he’s in ecstasy, doesn’t he, with his eyes closed and his mouth full of shemale cock. Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

I think the hardness of his dick makes a good Exhibit A for the case of him being a shemale connoisseur himself. Close your own eyes for a second and imagine how it felt as he eased past the knot of resistance in her ass, spreading her open, feeling her asshole meld around him, the tightness milking at him. Yes, Sir. I’d trade him places in a New York minute.

See this whole set at Jasmine’s official site

Jasmine Jewels 8 Jasmine Jewels 2
Jasmine Jewels 2 Jasmine Jewels 9
Jasmine Jewels 4 Jasmine Jewels 1

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Until next time shemale aficionados!

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