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Mistress Mia Isabella Pounds Some Ass

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Freestyle Fridays bring us to the point in the week where I can just post whatever my little heart desires. And my heart…and assorted other body parts…fiercely desire Mia Isabella. Mia taking on the shemale dominatrix role at TS Seduction just serves to whet that desire.

Mia starts off the set with a certain feline grace. She almost has that cat-that-ate-the-canary look about her, as if she knows something deviously naughty that we don’t. Lucky for us, she soon shows us what is on her mind, and that is getting her cock properly sucked by her male submissive. She gives him a taste of what it would be like for her to really give him head. My cock jumped to the upright position at the shot of the tip of her tongue just barely touching his cock. That must have been supreme delightful agony for him, because you know that he wanted to feel her mouth engulf him. After lovely Mia has her fill of that, it’s time to give him his fill, and stuff her shemale sausage right up ass.

Fap to the rest of this set at TS Seduction

TS Seduction4 TS Seduction13
TS Seduction11 TS Seduction8
TS Seduction7 TS Seduction7

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Stunning Mia Isabella Pulls on Her Pud

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

Quick! Check CNN and see if Hell has frozen over! That’s right, today we have not one, but two, that’s right, count them, two fuckable shemale updates. I’m a veritable fountain of shemale porn today. Actually, a fountain of cum is what I generally end up with after looking at shemale porn, but I think you all get the general notion. 😉 Tonight’s sweet thing, the one and only Miss Mia Isabella.

Mia is a stunner, and is always changing her look. I think we recently discussed how variety is the spice of life. But even if we did not, I’d rather look at Mia’s curves than blither on about unimportant things. She looks like someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Beyonce perhaps? I’m not sure. But one thing I am sure of, Mia gives me some serious wood, and I’d love to spend a lazy evening with my hand wrapped around both of our cocks, teasing us both for hours before the explosion launched. What about you? Do you find Mia to be supremely tappable?

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Mia Isabella 11 Mia Isabella 3
Mia Isabella 3 Mia Isabella 12
Mia Isabella 9 Mia Isabella 4

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Shemale Stunner Mia Isabella as Marilyn Monroe

Hola tranny lovers!

Tonight we are bringing in yet another noob to the Stunning Shemale fold, and that would be one Miss Mia Isabella. Mia is billed as “The Cutest Little TS Chick with the Biggest Candy Stick”. Let’s see if there is truth in advertising, shall we?

This is the first set that I saw of her, and I’ve got to tell you, Mia sure started off on the right foot with me. This is a great, creative set, and I like a tranny who is creative. Means she can probably freak it up a little in the sack. 😉

Without further ado, here is Mia in her rendition of the subway grating scene immortalized by Marilyn Monroe in “Seven Year Itch”. Mia gives me an itch that needs scratchin’, that is for sure!


And schwinnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggg goes the cock, ladies and gents.  I’d like towrap my fingers in those golden curls, force her down to her knees, stick my dick in her mouth, and fondle one of her tits with a free hand as I throat fucked her.  Oh Hell yeah!

What a bad girl Mia is running around without any panties!  I’m pretty sure that Marilyn didn’t have a big stiffy underneath her white dress.  I’m liking this view a lot!  Mia also has nice gams, in the words of Cotton Hill.


You can check out Mia’s entire hot Marilyn set at her Official Site

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