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Fuckable Blonde TS Renata Davilla Nude Outdoors

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

For anyone wondering, I changed things a little today. I was getting some feedback that suggested you’d rather have more pics per post and less per page. So we’ll give this a whirl for awhile. As always, let me know any thoughts you have on the blog.

Now, we’ve long known that Wendy Williams is sexy as hell. We also know that she has brains to go along with her sexiness, as exhibited by her entrepreneurial spirit in launching her own sex toy line. Additionally, we know that she is a sweetheart, because she made me some fansigns.

But did you know that she also does photography work for her site? This set featuring Renata Davilla is one that Wendy shot, and Renata looks hot enough to melt ice cream.

It appears that she is in a park somewhere. Why is it that I am not blessed with seeing nude shemale in my local park when I am on my morning run? It would be a stellar way to start my day, and I’m sure my heart rate would continue to rise! Great work, Wendy, on capturing such hotness!

Visit Wendy’s official site

Wendy Williams 1 Wendy Williams 6
Wendy Williams 9
Wendy Williams 1 Wendy Williams 8
Wendy Williams 7 Wendy Williams 4
Wendy Williams 5 Wendy Williams 9
Wendy Williams 10 Wendy Williams 5
Wendy Williams 8
Wendy Williams 4  

See the entire shoot

Until next time shemale aficionados!

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