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Lingerie Babe Ladyboy Amy

Hola tranny lovers!

I’m pressed for time today, but I wanted to get up the last installment of Ladyboy Amy for your viewing pleasure. Well, more accurately, the last one for now, as I know I’ll not be able to resist her charms for long.  As you can see, I put in a star rating system, so be sure to give good marks to the stuff that you like so I can see that you get more of it.

And without further ado, let the Amy adoration begin.  She’s looking rather lovely in her pink lingerie, don’t you think?  The hint of brown nipple underneath that lace is about more than I can take.  I’d like to lightly grind that in between my molars while I suckled on her tranny titties.


This pose…well, I don’t know where to start.  I need to get some boner icons made, so I can post them next to things I think are particularly stiffy inducing.  Let’s just say that I am in favor of everything, from the way she looks like she’s poised to take a face load all the way down to her ankle bracelet and cute feet.  This shots a winner.


Would you like to tap her ass?  I would, and in a most savage manner.

And there you have it.  It simply does not get much better than this.  No wonder you all voted her in as your favorite last month.


You all can sign in to Ladyboy Gold to see the rest of Amy both in and out of lingerie.

Next update we’ll take a break from ladyboy lusciousness and take a walk on the hardcore side of things.

Until then, and get your nominations in for Miss Stunning Shemale of February!

Stunning Shemale Amy in Sexy High Heels

I see that you all are being shy about making your nominations for Miss Stunning Shemale of February.  You need to get busy, or I’m going to pick one, and you may not like who I pick. 😀

Here’s post number 4 of the 5 promised featuring the ever-lovely Asian shemale known to most of us as Amy.  Tonight’s set and accompanying gallery, brought to us courtesy of Ladyboy69,  is another shoot that is prior to her getting her boob job.  I really think that I prefer her this way, though you all may disagree with me.  Obviously she decided that she needed them, and in the long run, it’s about her being happy with herself.  She looks fuckin’ awesome either way.

Amy looks so incredibly small and doll-like in this pic.  I guess it’s probably just the Asian thing, but it looks like she’s no bigger than a minute, with a waist so tiny you could span it with your hands.  As always, her shemale legs suck me right in for a double, then triple and quadruple look while I drool on myself.  I’m also digging her feet in this pic, though it is probably more the shoes.  Her keeping them on while I fucked her would be a requirement.


Ah, the things I could do if I walked into a room and found her in this position.  I’ll give you all a couple of hints…it would involve my cock and that ass she is so sweetly tilting outward and upward.  Of course, the requisite handful or two of her long hair would come into play as well.  Yummy!


Lookee here, it seems as if Amy enjoys teasing us with her firm flesh and petite curves as much as we enjoy looking at them.  I’d say that boner of hers is ample evidence that Amy is a ladyboy who truly enjoys her sexuality, and sharing it with lucky us.


Check out the rest of this set from Ladyboy Amy at Ladyboy69

Until next time, tranny aficionados!

Kinky Ladyboy Amy Plays with a Vaccum and Fucks Her Man

Hola, tranny lovers!

Time for us to take a look at Ladyboy Amy when she walks on the wild side, and for that, we need to turn our focus to Extreme Ladyboys.  I haven’t seen a lot of her in hardcore action, so when I run across it, it’s always a treat.  Not to mention it looks like she’s a little bit of a perv, and I love that in a person.   At this site, she seems to have shot going by the name of Emma.

Seems like Amy/Emma has been reading some warped housekeeping hints column.  I’ve always wanted to let the vaccum cleaner suck my dick, but never quite manned up enough to do it.  I had visions of having to go to the emergency room or something.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I would marry this shemale babe.  All she has to do is to always look like this when she cleans house…naked except for high heels.  All she needs is a pearl necklace, and I think I could whip one up for her. 😉

Not only is Amy an expert at keeping things tidy, it looks like she can give a good knob job as well.  She can also multitask, as evidenced by her toy fucking her own tight ladyboy shecunt while having a mouthful of cock.  Whoever this guy is, I am jealous.  On a side note, she has the cutest little feet.  I want to paint them in cum.


Now this is all kinds of hot, because I never really pictured Amy in a dominant role before.  I figured she would be the one taking cock up her ass.  But our little superwoman can do it all, including rolling this guy back on his ass and impaling him with her fuck stick.  Amy is needed ladyboy perfection, and after checking this scene out, I’ve got some business to attend to all by myself.


Check out the rest of Ladyboy Emma’s (Amy’s) sex scene at Extreme Ladyboys

Until next time!

Ladyboy Amy – Before She Got Tits as Ladyboy Emmy

Hola tranny lovers!

Day Two of paying homage to Ladyboy Amy has arrived, and for that, we are thankful. 😀

This is an old set of her that I had never seen before. I found it while digging around at Ladyboy Ladyboy. To be honest, at first I wasn’t entirely sure that it was her, but after some close examination, I’ve decided that it is. If she were here, I’d think taking cock prints instead of finger prints was in order, but since she is not, you all are going to have to trust me on this one.

See what I mean?  A little different than what we are used to, but she still oozes hotness.  I’d love to know how it is that  her legs look so feminine.  She’s got better legs than some biological chicks that I know.


From what I have read, her tits are a relatively recent acquistion.  Not like in the last month or anything, but in the last couple of years.  I honestly like her both ways.  Amy has nice tranny tits now, but there is also something to be said for a flat chested shemale honey.  Gives them that boi look.  Which makes me have serious wood.


Mmmm, now that is a tappable ass.   Love how the thong splits the globes of it in half.  Each globe looks like a perfect handful.  I’d like to sink my teeth into the right one, then the left.


And here Amy/Emmy is in all her glory, cock at full mast, nipples hard, and a smile on her beautiful face.  I’d bob up and down on her meat all day long.  Wouldn’t you?


Sign in to see  Amy as Emmy at Ladyboy Ladyboy

Until next time, when we’ll continue our adoration of Ladyboy Amy!

Miss Stunning Shemale January – Ladyboy Amy Private Dancer

Hola, tranny lovers!

Long time no blog. Hope all is well, and that you’ve been able to find lots of good shemale porn to wank off too.  I know that I have not been able to due to travel, which means that I will be erupting like Old Faithful now that I am back home.

Ladyboy Amy was voted to be your pick for our January 2009 Stunning Shemale. So as a bonus to everyone who loves her, we’ll have 5 back-to-back Amy posts.  Maybe 6, if I have the strength left after jacking off. 😉

Before I forget, a new poll is up, and this one is entirely write in. So list your favorite, so that they can grab some votes!

You guys have waited long enough, so without further ado, let’s turn our attention to one of the hottest ladyboys around, namely, Amy.

Amy is featured on 3 sites that I can find, with some of the sets shot with her using a different name. Alas, she has no official site of her own, though I am damned if I know why. Maybe she doesn’t want tied down to the demands of doing one.  Or maybe she is a sadist who is bound and determined to keeping us to now-and-then glimpses of her instead of a full site.  Who knows.

What I do know is that she trips my trigger in a serious way. I may have mentioned this before, but her schoolgirl set is the highest viewed post on this blog.  I want her for my own.  And I’m not sharing with you fuckers either. 😉

One of the sites that Amy appears on is Ladyboy Gold. And it’s them that we have to thank for this awesome clip of Amy being our own private dancer.She’s got the moves, and it’s not a huge leap from me watching her dance to imagining her fucking.

Enjoy, and stop back tomorrow for the next Ladyboy Amy update.

[flv:http://www.stunningshemalesblog.com/021009ss/ladyboy-amy-private-dance.flv 450 250]

Ladyboy Amy at Ladyboy Gold