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Mandy Mitchell Gets Some Shemale Shemale Female Hardcore Action

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It’s been a little while since we took a peek at Mandy Mitchell , and I think it’s time that we rectified that. Especially since this set features hardcore shemale fucking action, which I know lots of you like.

If memory serves, the other tranny in the pictures is Juliette. If memory doesn’t serve, she’s still a bangable redhead in fishnets, boots, and latex. Either way, it’s a win win situation, if you ask me. 😉

Mandy always looks like she knows what she’s doing when it comes to being with a female. Are any of you readers chicks? If so, what do you think about getting hosed by a shemale? Or two shemales?

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Mandy Mitchell14 Mandy Mitchell9
Mandy Mitchell10 Mandy Mitchell12
Mandy Mitchell10 Mandy Mitchell7

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Dominatrix Mandy Mitchell Throat Fucks Her Slave

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Mandy Mitchell is rapidly becoming one of my favorite shemale models on the net. For starters, she’s a sexy little strumpet, and beyond that, some of her scenes offer up a good slice of kink, and I am ever a fan of that. Of course, it does not hurt that she looks fine in latex and knee high boots either. I don’t know why more trannies don’t shoot in boots. It should be a prerequisite, I think. The only way that Mandy could look any hotter was if she had on a pair of fishnets. But fear not, her submissive has some on, so all is not lost.Watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I’d really like to be able to tell if Miss Mandy is topping a girl or another tranny. These pictures don’t give any shot that clears that up, so I guess it will go down as one of the mysteries of the universe. Either way, the bound one looks like she is no stranger to slurping on a schlong.

See Mandy dominating in boots

Mandy Mitchell12 Mandy Mitchell1
Mandy Mitchell4 Mandy Mitchell12
Mandy Mitchell2
Mandy Mitchell13
Mandy Mitchell12 Mandy Mitchell1
Mandy Mitchell13 Mandy Mitchell2
Mandy Mitchell8 Mandy Mitchell4

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Jesse TS Dominates and Pounds Male Ass

Alrighty then, we’ve not had a peek at what was up at TSSeduction for awhile, and it looks like our timing is pretty good,  because I know that Jesse Ts has a lot of fans amongst all you tranny lovers.

Ooops, hola by the way!  I forgot all my manners when I saw Jesse in a shiny dress and boots.  I am totally in approval of the way her boots are getting cleaned as well.  I’d even venture a guess that some of you fuckers would not be at all adverse to kneeling before Jesse and giving her boots a tongue bath, now would you?

I’d even place a wager on the fact that some of you would not have to be forced to give Jesse’s cock a tongue bath as well.  Though I do have to say that the force aspect ads so much fun to it.


I love this shot.   I’d love to see that dildo throat fuck him with a little more force while Jesse plunges in and out of his ass.  I bet he’s squealing like a pig as she bores him out.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Until next time, shemale aficionados!

Ladyboy Nancy in Over the Knee Boots

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂


I think that perfectly sums up my reaction to the second of three Ladyboy Nancy updates from Ladyboy Crush.  She looks a lot like a college coed in these, and I can imagine her zipping around on campus on her motorbike.   Whatever campus it is, I know I want to enroll in classes there.  Or maybe even be a professor, as I’d seriously love to give Nancy an education in a few things. 😉

This is a hot pic.  Makes me want to run my tongue up the line of muscle in her thighs.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Here’s another personal favorite from this set.  I like the way her hair hangs forward in this…sort of gives her a Garbo-ish allure, and makes me want to fuck her more than I already did.  I also am digging the arch of Nancy’s back as her ass tilts upward.  Anyone but me thinking about slipping that pink mesh up, and the black panties down?


And I had to include this shot, for all my fellow boot lovers out there.  Nancy has a slight dominatrix look to her in this, and she wears it very well.  I’d totally be down with calling her Mistress, licking her boots, then licking her nutsack.


Until next time, shemale aficiandos!

Sexy Sadistic Shemale Barbara Vasconcellos

Hola tranny lovers! 🙂

There is something to be said about a woman who likes taking charge. There is even more to be said about her when that woman has tits and a cock.
‘Cause I’m a greedy fucker like that, and I like someone who can bring it all to the table. 😉

Or who can bring it to the outdoors, as Barbara Vasconcellos does in this update at Shemale Revenge. The mere sight of her in that studded leather corset, thong, fishnets and boots would have me on my knees saying “Yes, Mistress”.


Evidently I am not alone in that way of thinking, because tattoo boy here seems to be an eager-to-please pleasure slut.  I wonder if it hurts when she ripped the duct tape off.

I like to think that it did. 😀


Until next time, shemale aficionados!