Hot Wendy Williams vs Jesse TS – Stunning Shemales Showdown!

Sorry, shemale lovers, I fell asleep before I got this posted last night.  So we’ll trannys for breakfast…mmm…and I’ll take mine with butter and lots of syrup. 😉

First things first…

the clear winner of our last showdown was Victoria Holyns.  She fell behind at first, but then recovered very nicely to beat Ladyboy Lee by a large margin.  So congrats to Victoria, and have no fear, Ladyboy Lee.  There is a place in my heart and my cock just for you. 😉

First up, a sexy fireball-of-a-shemale that not only have we seen on this blog, but she has made us some fansigns, and she has posted here…that’s right, I’m talking about the delightfully delicious Hot Wendy Williams!

Wendy has appeared on multiple shemale sites, and has, I believe, appeared in some full length videos.  Not only does she have a great work ethic, but just take a look at how girlfriend fills out that corset.  Tasty.  Mighty tasty indeed!

Nothing quite like a firey redhead with a come-fuck-me look in her eyes. Or is that a come-let-me-fuck you look? Either way, it’s hot!  I could spend a big chunk of my day teasing her nipples with the ends of her hair.

Now this is either an invitation for a spankin’, or to take her panties the rest of the way down with my teeth. I can’t figure out which. I’m game for either option.

Now this is just flat out sexy. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

and finally, Wendy with her shecock in full display. Nice contrast of between her loverod and that corset, don’t you think?

Official Hot Wendy Williams site

And now for our next stunning shemale…making her first appearance on the blog is a curvy blonde with long hair, 40D tits and an 8+ inch cock. My fellow tranny aficionados, I give you Jesse TS.

And what a first appearance it is. Jesse is looking very, very fetching in this sheer black lingerie, doncha think?

It might just be my imagination, but I think that Jesse bears a striking resemblance to that dead chick who married the old man. Can’t recall her name…wait…yes I can…Anna Nicole Smith. They kind of have that same pouty, tousled hair blonde look. And it is a very very boner inducing look as she exposes her shepussy for us.

Now this is a nice, casual sexy shot. Makes me want to lean over the end of the couch, pull her panties aside, and take my fingers for a quick dip.

Jesse offer up her own nice contrast shot…lingerie, cock and balls. What more could a person really ask for?

Ah, wait, my own question just got answered. A frontal shot, with full wood, pure sex radiating in her eyes and aforementioned lingerie. That’s what more a person could ask for!

Jesse TS Official Site

Get your votes in now, boys and girls and sheboys. 😉

Until next time, shemale lovers!

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  1. i love u jess u have beautiful face and great boobs and all over that u have a nice cock i wish i am with u to fuck u and fuck me

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